When smoke is forecast to return to the SF Bay Area due to a wind shift

The Bay Area enjoyed a few days marked by mostly good air quality. That may change Friday.

“The smoke should remain east of the Bay Area on Thursday, but as dry north winds develop by Friday, smoke from the Dixie and Monument fires will likely float south over the Bay area on Friday,” Service The National Weather Service said on Twitter early Thursday.

The Dixie Fire burned 250 miles northeast of San Francisco is the second largest fire in California history. The fire that started July 13 was 742,724 acres on Thursday morning with 45% win, the U.S. Forest Service you say.

The Monument Fire is located 290 miles northwest of San Francisco and was burned 153,344 acres in Trinity County since Thursday morning. The flame declared July 30 won 20%.

Fire fires are burning throughout Northern California amid hot, dry bones.

Fire fires are burning throughout Northern California amid hot, dry bones.

Photo Illustration: SFGATE / Getty Images

Wildfires continued to pump out massive amounts of smoke across Northern California, but the San Francisco Bay Area was largely protected from the soot air by a coastal shore breeze.

This model is expected to change headlines over the weekend as winds shift north, pushing smoke from north to south in the Bay Area, the National Weather Service said.

“For the next few days the majority of smoke forecast to remain in all interior parts of the state,” said Roger Gass, a forecaster with the weather service. “By the time we hit the weekend, it looks like some northerly flow may push smoke down into the area over the weekend. We’re not expecting a significant infiltration of smoke across the region, but it’s obviously something we will keep a close eye on. “

The weather service forecast said that the smoke will likely remain loft high in the atmosphere. The sky will look cloudy but the air quality can remain moderate and not deteriorate to unhealthy levels.

The smoke is expected to occur as a Northern California flu heat event and the weather service said there may be enough smoke “to take a few degrees off of o forecasts.” The interior funds are forecast to reach the mid 90s to the low 100s Friday and Saturday and the coastal areas to the low 70s.

The District’s Area Air Quality Management has not been given an advisory for Thursday and forecast good air quality on the coast and moderate inside. The district has yet to issue an advisory for Friday.

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