Why protesters blocked traffic on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday

There were residual delays on San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge on Thursday morning after protesters calling for immigrant protection blocked traffic, causing the busy morning travel to stop completely for about 30 minutes.

The protest was organized by the Coalition to Provide Zones for Economic Justice and Citizenship for All, which said in a statement shared with several media that Democrats are asking Congress to take action to protect the families of immigrants.

A group brought a reading banner, “passed on the parliamentary decision,” and other sign read, “Citizenship for all is no exception !!!” and “The bill costs $ 3.5 trillion.”

Activists are on foot and in 25 vehicles close their northbound line toward Marin County starting at 7 am. The California Highway Patrol also closes the southbound line as well.

By 7:45 am, traffic had moved again, though slowly, KCBS reported.

The official protest was meant to be about 20 minutes long, statements from organizers said.

In a statement released to the media, the Coalition Providing Area for Economic Justice and Citizenship for All said that “injustice must stop” and said an inclusive path to citizenship for the country’s 11 million undocumented immigrants would boost the U.S. economy, increasing U.S. gross domestic product by a cumulative total of $ 1.7 trillion over 10 years, created 438,800 new jobs, and increased wages for undocumented and American workers.

“The time for delivering economic justice, climate justice, and citizenship for all is now,” the group said. “For these reasons, we demand that Vice President Harris and the Democratic head of Congress pass decisions on the unelected Senate parliamentarians who exclude undocumented immigrants from the budget reconciliation process.”

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